Testimonials for Balanced Massage

"I have been going to Nicky for massage for 5 years. Nicky embodies everything you could possibly want in a therapeutic massage care provider. She listens intently to provide relief to troubled areas, she provides a very deep (or not) massage depending on your preference and she provides an environment that is both soothing and professional. Always offering insight on helpful stretches, recent updated practices and general knowledge of the musculoskeletal body. I highly recommend her, just leave an opening for me!!"

Sue D,  Milford     January 2022


"I’ve gone to many massage therapists over 30 years and Nicole by far the best. I recently started up again doing weekly 60 minutes massages with her and it’s just wonderful physically and emotionally."

Barbara O, Milford   September 2021


"I have been seeing Nicole since she first started as a LMT and I nothing but praise for her. Between my Sciatica and other aches and pains I get more relief from her massage than visits to my doctor or drugs. So Thank You Nicole and I will be back."

Bob C, Milford     July 2021


"I had a massage with Nicole in the past and it was amazing! However, I just had one yesterday and I have never been happier. Nicole is a professional, kind, caring and all around great massage therapist. We went over my needs and what I was hoping to achieve during my session. I had the full body massage done and she reached each area of the body and made sure to focus more time on the parts I was concerned about. Nicole truly takes pride in helping others achieve their wellness goals and I would highly recommend her. Not to mention she also keeps her office extremely clean!"

Anonymous     April 2021


"Nicole is simply the best at her craft. As a first time customer, she took the time to assess my needs, understand the long term goal of my future sessions, and a genuinely kind person. I highly recommend Nicole and her business!"

Camille Y, Guilford     March 2021


"The pressure was fantastic and Nicole checked in to make sure it was good! She was polite, professional and set up the environment to be comfortable and relaxing. Her Corona safety precautions were reassuring and didn’t inhibit my enjoyment of the experience."

Laura E, Milford     August 2020


"My massage was wonderful in spite of COVID. Nikki does a fantastic job making you feel safe with her new protocols. They do not interfere at all with the experience of the massage. Once you start your session, you don’t think about anything else."

Mike L, Seymour     July 2020


"Have loved all the massages I have had with Nicole! She always takes her time with her clients and is very knowledgeable about what she can do to alleviate any pain or stress areas with essential oils, cupping or massage! I highly recommend her ! "

Megan T, Newtown     February 2020


" Nicole is a very skilled and professional massage therapist. She helped me through my pregnancy and now in my postpartum phase as well. I highly recommend her."

Ashley D, Milford       September 2019


"Nicole is one of the best massage therapists I've visited. She really listens to what you would like to get out of your massage- be it relaxation, pain reduction, focus on a specific area.  She will adjust her timing and pressure or suggest different techniques, from cupping to aromatherapy, to best address your wants and needs. She is open to feedback during and after the massage, so she can deliver the very best experience.  She is knowledgeable, friendly and professional, and her massage room is always very comfortable.  I highly recommend you give Nicole a try."

Kathryn D, Westport     October 2018


"I have had many massages (sports, deep tissue, hot stone) over the years at several spa facilities, local and resort. The massage I received at Balanced Massage was, hands down, the best of all of them. Nicky listens to what you want, need, like, dislike and then tailors the massage accordingly. She also lets you know during the massage if there is something she finds that needs extra attention (i.e. muscle knots, etc.). She lets you know all options available in types of treatment (with explanation) and lets you decide what you would like to try. She even checks in during the massage to see if everything is to your liking to make sure you are getting what you want. I arrived expecting to get a good massage. I left after getting a great massage. Count me as a regular from now on.

Bill Z, Milford     August 2018


"Nicole never disappoints. She is knowledgeable, listened and tailors your massage to you and your needs. She has helped me with injuries, aches and pains. I would never go anywhere else. So happy I found her."

Jacqueline B, Westport    March 2018


"Nicole has all the skills, professionalism and personality to make your experience exactly an experience that is very much appreciated. I was really in need of attention of a therapist that knows what they are doing and that’s exactly what I received. My reward was a good night sleep for a change. Thank You Nicole."

Bob, Milford        January 2018


"My massage with Nicole was perfect! I love the way she has decorated her space-everything is neat and clean and very zen! Her choice of music to accompany the massage was spot on. The music is an integral part of the experience for me. I've been seeing Nicole over the past few months and she has come to know the type of pressure that benefits me most. I highly recommend Nicole and Balanced Massage."

Arlene P, Milford      September 2017


"I have been a client of Nicole's for many years and I would HIGHLY recommend her. She is very professional and knows exactly what she is doing. I see her once a month and i always come out feeling much better with all of my issues being addressed during the session. Over the last 15 years I have had plenty of massages with other massage therapists. Since becoming a client of Nichole's I have not gone anywhere else and don't ever intend too. I am extremely happy with her services."

Dennis S, Milford   August 2017


"Nicole's skill set goes beyond massage. She has such a calming, open presence that you feel comfortable with her from the start. Her ability to listen to her clients and work on specific areas and needs is amazing. Nicole is incredibly strong for deep tissue work but can also provide a relaxing, lighter massage. Her intuition allows her to focus on areas as she comes to them. I highly recommend Nicole and Balanced Massage. The space is private and welcoming and conveniently located in the downtown Milford area."

Sue, Milford           July 2017


"Nicky is phenomenal. I've been a client for over 6 years and feel as though she is an integral part of my overall wellness. Her studio is clean, her skill set is the best of any therapist I've ever had and I've always left feeling better then when I came." 

Chris B, Milford         June 2017