Welcome to Balanced Massage: a place where you can find your balance, both physically and mentally. Owner, Nicole Barry customizes each massage session to promote optimal health and wellness for the individual. Nicole will consult with each client and work in partnership to develop a personalized massage wellness plan. Nicole believes preventative wellness is the foundation of staying healthy and massage therapy is a key component in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Thank you for choosing Balanced Massage and Nicole looks forward to working with you to achieve your best health.


“With both my intuition as a massage therapist and the ability to truly listen to my clients’ needs, we can work in partnership to achieve your most optimal health. I look forward to being part of your wellness plan.” -Nicole Barry




Sinus Relief Facial Massage

Don't let spring flowers effect your health this season with allergies and sinus headaches. Add a 15- minute sinus relief facial massage to your next visit for an additional $10. Facial massage includes hot towels, sinus pressure relief massage, and Breathe essential oil.


Just 15 minutes of a facial massage can encourage pressure relief and sinus drainage. Breathe essential oil supports open airways and a healthy respiratory system.





Give the gift of wellness.



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